Commissioning a Portrait

Pastel Commissions

Portraits are made with high quality acid free pastel paper and artist quality lightfast pastels to ensure a high quality pastel painting.

Feel free to contact me to discuss reference photos and pricing. I can work from several photographs to get the pose you are looking for. Keep in mind highly detailed photographs are necessary to capture the true likeness of your portrait.

Once we have discussed your portrait, a 20% deposit will be required to secure your place on my commission list. Deposits are non-refundable and balance is due when the portrait is completed.

Shipping is provided at an additional cost, based on your area.

As I am working on your portrait, I will send progress pictures to keep you updated with how your painting is coming along. Feel free to offer any feedback as I want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the result. I also like to post progress and completed photos on Instagram after I’ve shared them with you so please let me know if this is a problem (if this is a gift or surprise).

I reserve the right to reproduce and share digital copies of the portrait. This will be used mainly for my portfolio and advertisement. Let me know if you would like to have prints made, as this is something I can have made up at an additional cost.

Whenever possible, I work from detailed photographs. The more details in the photo, the more detailed your portrait will be. For example, it is important for me to be able to see details such as the reflection in the eye, texture on the nose, ears, muzzle, and individual hairs. It’s also important that the photo be taken in natural daylight as other lighting can change the colour of the subject. If your photographs were taken by someone other than yourself, please make sure you have permission to use them, as there can sometimes be a copyright issue.

Below are standard sizes, please use the contact page to inquire about prices or any other questions you may have.


11x14 - Single headshot - $325 - $610 CAD

14x17 - Single headshot - $475 - $955 CAD

16x20 - Single/Double headshot - $800 - $1,150 CAD

18x24 - Single/Double headshot - $1,400 CAD

20x30 - Single, Multiple headshot/Full body - $1,700 CAD

24x36 - Full body(s) - $2,200 CAD

*tax added separately*

Graphite Commissions

I also offer small graphite sketches by commission.

Please refer to the Pastel Commissions column for details on how to request a commission and also how to select reference photos.

Please use the contact page to inquire about pricing.

Sizes are as follows:

4x6in. - Single headshot/Full body - $48 CAD

5x7in. - Single headshot/Full body - $70 CAD

8x10in. - Single, Double headshot/Full body - $160 CAD

Shipping will be provided at an additional cost.